littvayEU Policies – Lessons Learned from the Visegrad Countries

As part of the three-year project at UET, 'European Union Policies: Lessons Learned from Visegrad Countries', the 2018 lecture cycle started with guest professor Levente Littvay. Thet open lecture addressed an already acute issue of political and social reality, that of increasing support for populist parties and political leaders, a process that has been observed in recent decades in Central Europe but is also present in other regions such as in some Western European countries. Hungary is currently one of the EU's internal challenges and Albanian students need to get acquainted with such scenarios to understand how EU's conditionality works during accession and what impact have such developments on democracy within the EU.

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RuskowskiEU Policy - Lessons Learned from Visegrad Countries

Within the various projects and with the aim of increasing the internationalization of UET, the experience of Central European countries during the integration process comes to UET students. On 8 and 9 June 2018, the well-known researcher in the field of European studies shares with UET students during a two-day lectures, topics like: Europeanization as a two-way process from the EU to the candidate countries and vice versa.

Prof. Ruszkowski noted the fact that Europeanization in candidate countries like Albania is very important especially at the stage when the population values are in convergence with those of the EU. Prof. Ruszkowski stressed the importance of equipping young people in candidate countries with deep knowledge of the EU and Europeanization as a process.

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gjurajRector of UET at University of Warsaw, one of the sustainable partners under Erasmus

The Rector of the European University of Tirana has traveled to Poland for a working meeting at the University of Warsaw where he was welcomed by Deputy Rector for Research and External Relations, prof. Maciej Duszczyk.

Cooperation between the two universities, the Albanian one and the Polish one, started four years ago, in the framework of the Tempus-Sigma Agile project in 2014; an Erasmus Mundus A2 Sigma Agile project for critical training for innovation, sustainable growth, mobility and employment in the multicultural environment of the Western Balkans. Since 2015, both universities have applied consistently to the Erasmus plus Program and the University of Warsaw is one of the most stable partners in this program, with 20 individuals, staff and students from both institutions benefiting from the period 2015-2017.

The Sigma Agile Program for the Western Balkans is part of a broader program aimed at promoting co-operation and mobility between the European Union and other parts of the world. In this program, approximately 150 full scholarships of all fields are available, according to the offer of partner universities, for students, scholars, academic and administrative staff from the Western Balkans who can visit one of the partner universities of the EU as well as Conversely, students, researchers or staff from EU countries can visit partner universities in the Western Balkans.



International Staff Week in University of Valladolid, Spain

During the week of April 23 to April 27, 2018, European University of Tirana took part in "International Staff Week" held at the University of Valladolid, Spain. This meeting was organized with the support of the Erasmus+ programme. As a project partner form Albania, UET has the largest number of applications during the first call for mobility.


beiraStaff training week - University of Beira Interior, Portugali (Covilha)


During the week of May 01 to May 07, 2018, European University of Tirana took part in  "Staff Training Week" held at the University of Beira Interior, Portugal. In this meeting UET was represented by Anisa Subashi and Ilir Korbi, thus expanding the number of partners in Portugal. The partnership between UET and the University of Beira Interior is already one of the ongoing and reliable partnerships.


timisoaraStaff Training Week - University of Timisoara, Romania

Representatives from European University of Tirana Prof. Kostantin Giakoumis and Arisela Hebovija were invited at "Staff Training Week" held in May 2018 at University of West Timisoara, Romania. During this meeting, representatives of UET had the opportunity not only to be informed about the topics of common interests, but also for different academics and administrative staff exchanges.


RTUErasmus+ Open Lecture-Riga Technical University

Representatives of Riga Technical University held with the students of the Faculty of Economics and Information Technology UET, an open lecture on "Erasmus + Student Exchanges". The RTU celebrates its 155th anniversary as one of the oldest and most ranked Baltic universities. Currently RTU counts 15,000 students, of whom 2000 are international Erasmus students. Head of International Office, Liene Maurite, said that it is a pleasure for RTU that this year has the first Albanian students with erasmus + from UET. UET students currently in Riga are Gezim Cako and Emiljano Baba from the Department of Mathematics, Statistics and Informatics, as well as Eri Guce, Department of Finance and Economics. Erasmus + scholarships for staff and student mobility funded by the European Commission enable coverage of monthly and travel expenses. Also, winning students are supported by the respective host and host university offices throughout the process.


ObudaInternational Week-Obuda University, Hungary

The partnership between UET and Obuda is already one of the most sustainable and viable partnerships. For the academic year 2017-2018, four professors from the Department of Management and Marketing of UET participated in 2 International Weeks, respectively November 2017 and April 2018. One of the lectures held is that of Dr. Elvira Tabaku with "Customer Loyalty in the Recession Period".


start-up“StartUp Europe”; encouraging students towards entrepreneurial ideas

"StartUp Europe Comes to Universities" is an initiative of the StartUp Europe network and the European Commission, which came this week in Albania, in its second edition through the European University of Tirana. It should be noted that UET is among the first universities to embrace this initiative not only in Albania, but also in the region, proving again its innovative and proactive approach.

The purpose of this initiative is to inspire university students towards start-ups, to bring the business world closer to the academic one and to interact with them and other local actors; to contribute to economic growth, innovation and employment

Part of the conference were UET professors, business community representatives, entrepreneurship support organizations, young people who have run successful startups or are in the process of doing so.

Through this collaboration carried out by the Business Management Department and the Office for Projects and Partnerships at UET, a new step towards internationalization has been undertaken by this university by establishing links with many prestigious universities, which are part of SEC2U such as: Cambridge University, Nova University of Lisbon, Dublin City University, U-Tad University Center, Cartagena Technical University, Ravensbourne and the University of Cantabria, among others.

Meanwhile, young entrepreneurs, former UET students who have benefited from the support of this project and are currently running their successful startups shared their stories with the audience.

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Leksion-wspaUET welcomes the staff of the University College of Enterprise and Administration within Erasmus+

Paulina Obszanska and Malgorzata Baranowska, representatives of the International Office of the University College of Enterprise and Administration (WSPA), Poland were invited to the European University of Tirana to conduct an open lecture with students on the topic "Benefits of Erasmus+ scholarships for UET students". During this lecture, students have had the opportunity to learn more about the opportunities of studying in Poland through the Erasmus+ scheme, which thanks to several years of cooperation between UET and WSPA offers our students full coverage of their stay in Lublin, one of the major student cities in Poland.

Lublin is the largest student city in the eastern part of Poland and enjoys a population of 350,000. Thanks to 10 universities operating in the city, 1/3 of the population is the students, turning the city into a vibrant academic environment. From UET currently in WSPA we have one Erasmus student Elena Janaqi, while the call for applications for the second semester is open. During the lecture, UET students were interactive and interested to take advantage of this EU scheme as a golden opportunity for having an international teaching, social and cultural experience.


UET welcomes Obuda University staff within the Erasmus + framework

Kornelia Lazanyi, Vice Dean at the Obuda Universiy in Budapest was invited to the European University of Tirana to conduct an open lecture with students on the topic; "Organizational Behavior and Leadership". During this lecture, students have had the opportunity not only to be informed about the subject but also to learn more about the opportunities of studying in Hungary, especially at Obuda University. They had the opportunity to understand how the university works and how to study there, including the Erasmus+ programme. This one-week visit was made possible by the Erasmus + Credit Mobility collaboration which the universities have enjoyed for years.

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UET welcomes the staff of Lappeenranta University of Technology in the framework of Erasmus+

Anne Markonne, Representative of the International Office of Lappeenranta University of Technology, Finland, was invited to the European University of Tirana to hold an open lecture with students on the topic "Benefiting of Erasmus Scholarships for IT Students at UET". During this lecture, students have had the opportunity to learn more about the possibilities of studying in Finland, through the Erasmus+ scheme, which thanks to UET's co-operation with LUT offers our students full coverage of their stay in Finland. Also, the student Toni Luostarinen, who joined UET recently, shared his mobility experience with us. He has chosen Albania and UET to complete an Erasmus semester as he wants to learn more about the Balkans. This two-week visit was made possible by the Erasmus+ Credit Mobility collaboration which the universities have enjoyed for years.

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National ConlfictsWorkshop on National Conflicts

From 5-9th of June 2017 Broader Perspective Projectheld the workshop on "National Conflicts" with students in Albania, in cooperation with theEuropean University of Tirana, Office for Project Development and Partnerships. The workshop was organized by students ofSciences Pobased on peer-to-peer approach. This project is an initiative of 12 students from 8 nationalities, with the aim at enhancing student debate on sensitive matters such as identity, nation and conflicts.

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H.E. Sattler, Ambassador of Austria to Albania joins UET during an open lecture with staff and studentsaustriak

The Ambassador of Austria to Albania, H.E. Johann Sattler, held an open lecture at UET with the topic: Austria, Albania’s steadfast partner from Independence to EU accession.” His excellency firstly explained the duties as the Ambassador of Austria to Albania, during which he pointed out the support for EU integration. “My duty is to help Albania and its preparations for EU accession” said H.E. Sattler. During his speech, the ambassador explained the importance of Austrian businesses in Albania, as well as how a diplomat should be. The lecture was moderated by Prof. Dr. Tonin Gjuraj, Rector of UET, which mentioned the ongoing successful partnerships with Salzburg University under Erasmus+ programme, such as QAinAL, euroPS and the joint master PoSIG, as well as staff and student mobilities between our two institutions. 

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Passion never fails”: UET represents Albania at Startup Olestartup ole

Startup Ole is an international event with the aim at increasing cooperation between European countries and beyond. It is a great opportunity for new businesses to network with all start-up ecosystems in Europe. This year’s edition was supported by “Startup Europe” of the European Commission and the University of Salamanca, Spain. Prof. Dr. Ermira Qosja was representing UET and also was one of the panelists on “Entrepreneurial skills on university students”.

The event hosted 2500 participants, 200 of which were panelists and 400 start-ups, according to Mr. Isidro Lazo, Head of Startup Europe” at the European Commission. European University of Tirana is part of Startup Europe University Network (SEUN) since October 2016 and it was the only Albanian university present in the event.  

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ambasadori ZvicerianSwiss Ambassador at UET

On 28th of February 2017, the swiss ambassador to Albania, H.E. Christoph Graf held an open lecture with staff and students from the European University of Tirana. He focused on issues like federalism, local demicracy and how Switzerland was the ideal historical examle of neutralioty. H.E. Graf emphasized that democracy can not be copied as an ideal model, but it has to be adapted to local and historical context of a country. The ambassador also brought up the matter or referendums as a trace of direct democracy.

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PaviaUET staff teaches at the University of Pavia, under Erasmus+ ICM

Within the Erasmus+ Credit Mobility framework, academic staff from the European University of Tirana is able to teach for one week at the University of Pavia, Italy. In this activity European University of Tirana has been represented by Dr. Anisa Subashi, who held lectures with students of Psychology Faculty. During the remaining period (April-July), other representatives from European University of Tirana are expected to participate in the project. These participants are: Dr. Teuta Xhindi, Msc. Gentian Hoxhalli, Dr. Otjela Lubonja and Prof. As. Dr. Enri Hide.


NET-or-NEET Erasmus+ Youth Training

With the purpose to support the education and staff development policies of European University of Tirana, a training session was held in Italy with the focus on prevention of the school’s abandonment phenomena at the young age. This training was held within The Erasmus+ Youth Training program. The sessions were held in the presence of the Prof. Asoc. Dr. Erika Melonashi and Rovena Kushta, representatives of the Department of Education and Megi Ruka, project assistant at the Office for Project Development and Partnerships. The training took place in the period from 9 to 14 February 2017. Furthermore, the project was developed under the coordination of Cooperativa Margherita, Italy.

Michal GlowackiEuropean University of Tirana welcomes academic staff from University of Warsaw

During the week first week of March the European University of Tirana has welcomed  academic staff from The University of Warsaw. Within the Erasmus+ Credit Mobility program,Prof. Glowacki held meetings with the Head of Department of Communication. Furthermore, he held lectures with the students of the third year of Bachelor and Masters. The cooperation between University of Warsaw and UET is elaborating further with the ongoing two flows mobilites. 



LublinInternational Week of Staff in Lublin, Poland (English)

The International Staff Week has taken place in Lublin, Poland, within the Erasmus+ Credit Mobility program. In this activity, European University of Tirana has been represented by Lutjona Lula and Kebjana Haka. During the meeting, two of the main issues discussed were the progress of the existing cooperation between WYSPA and UEt, as well as the importance of the students’ exchanges. The International Staff Week held its activities from 6th to 10th of March 2017 and enabled partners around the world to exchange contacts and experiences. 


Informal CoachingInFormal Coaching Erasmus+ Youth Training

Within the Erasmus+ Youth Training program, a staff training session has been held in Russia, coordinated by CGE Erfurt, Germany. In this project, European University of Tirana has been represented by Vahdije Kadiu and Rovena Kushta from the Department of Education. During the meeting the focus was on the importance of the Informal Coaching Methods in the current educational environments. The training was held on the period of 18-24 of March in Rostov Veliky, Russia.



UET welcomes staff members from COMMO I Erasmus+ project

Four members of administrative staff from Italian universities have been welcomed by European University of Tirana, in the period January-February 2017, for a training session. The staff was trained in The Projects and Partnerships Office, within the COMMO I program, under UNIMED coordination. The training was focused on the ways that the university could facilitate the exchange students’ efforts during the transfer of both: incoming and outgoing mobilities. The universities that have exchanged their administrative staff members are: UNIMORE, UNICATANIA, University of Teramo ad University of Bari. The project aims at bringing together Italian Universities and those of Western Balkans.


Prof. Dr. Andreas Gissel, Vice President for International Relations at Ludwigshafen University held an open lecture with the topic “Developing a Strategy for Supply Chain Risk Management”. All students of Management and Marketing were invited to participate. The lecture focused mainly on concrete examples of big cooperates operating worldwide and aimed at emphasizing the importance of such strategies.

The lecture comes as a result of the Erasmus+ Credit Mobility ongoing cooperation that the two universities have. Prior to the lecture, Mrs. Kerstin Gallenstein, Director of International Relations introduced to UET students the University. Currently three UET students have been nominated for an exchange semester at Ludwigshafen University. The delegation from Ludwigshafen was welcomed by the Vice Rector for Scientific Research, Prof. As. Dr. Selami Xhepa and Ketrina Çabiri Mijo, Head of Office for Project Development and Partnerships.


Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Krieger held an open lecture with the topic “Gender Specific Factors in Child and Teenager Violence” for the students of the Faculty of Social Sciences, UET. The lecture focused on violence and inclusiveness of mostly young women as a new trend. During his presentation, Prof. Dr. Krieger emphasized the changes in trends in these last years.

The lecture comes as a result of the Erasmus+ Credit Mobility ongoing cooperation that the two universities have. The delegation from Ludwigshafen was welcomed by the Vice Rector for Scientific Research, Prof. As. Dr. Selami Xhepa and Ketrina Çabiri Mijo, Head of Office for Project Development and Partnerships.


UET had the pleasure to welcome Prof. Dr. Agostino Massa as a visiting professor, representative of the University of Genoa for International Relations.

Prof. Massa was invited to hold two different lectures. The first one focused on the study possibilities for UET students at University of Genoa. The second lecture was organized with academic staff from the Social Sciences Faculty in the framework of the Methodological Centre. The Methodological Centre is an initiative undertaken by Prof. As. Dr. Selami Xhepa, Vice Rector for Academic Research at UET, and it aims to share best practices in academia.


SEC2U is an initiative endorsed by the European Commission (Startup Europe) to create a strong culture of entrepreneurship and innovation within universities across Europe.

The first edition of SEC2U took place from the 17th to the 21st of October and UET was part of the initiative!
During the event that took place in Aula Magna, UET on the 18th of October, the entrepreneurs were able to familiarize themselves with the opportunities and support available for growing their businesses. In addition, some success stories, as well as cases of failure and lessons learned were presented. The participants had also the chance to know each other and network.

Through this cooperation led by the Department of Management and Marketing and the Office for Project Development and Partnerships, a new step towards the internationalization was taken together with many other prestigious universities.

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Staff Lisbona


The University Nova de Lisboa is a sustainable partner of UET. Within the framework of Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility, UET took part in the International Staff Week of this university. During the week, discussions and presentations tackled different mobility issues, such as the importance of Erasmus exchange for students from the Western Balkans. The International Staff Week was held from the 20th until 24th of June 2016, at the premises of The New University of Lisbon, Portugal.




Prof. Dr. Adrian Civici, President of European University of Tirana and lecturer at the Faculty of Economics and Information Technology, was invited at Sapienza University of Rome to deliver an open lecture with the PhD students at the Department of Sociology and Economics. Professor Civici was invited in Rome by Prof. Antimo Luigi Farro, Director of the PhD School at  Sapienza University. The topic of the lecture was focused on a historical view of “Capitalism in the post-communist countries.”  This open lecture was delivered in the framework of the fruitful and sustainable cooperation between these two universities.




In the framework of the course EU Policy “Lessons Learned from Visegrad Countries”, Prof.Dr.Habil Janusz Ruskowski from Szczecin University, Poland was invited at the European University of Tirana to deliver an open lecture with the Master students of Political Science and International Relations. Prof. Ruskowski made a presentation on the following topics: “The Visegrad countries in the Multilevel Governance of the European Union” and “The process of Europeanisation of Visegrad Countries, the case of Poland.” This project is supported by the the Visegrad University Studies Grant (VUSG).

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In the framework of the course EU Policy “Lessons Learned from Visegrad Countries”, Professor of Political Science Andras Bozoki from Central European University, Hungary was invited at the European University of Tirana to deliver an open lecture with the Master students of Political Science and International Relations. Prof. Bozoki made a presentation on the following topics: “Backsliding of democracy? Regime types and illiberal democracy in East Central Europe” and Enlargement and democratization: The EU and East Central Europe in the last 20 years” This project is supported by the the Visegrad University Studies Grant (VUSG).

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Ildikó Marosi, PhD FROM Obuda University held a series of lectures with master students of the Faculty of Economy and Information Technology in UET. The lectures were held within the framework of the project Erasmus+ Credit Mobility. The common project of Obuda University and UET started with the academic year 2015-2016 and it is resulting successful in all student and staff exchange. The topics of the block lectures were focused on the “Basis of Family Business”. This is a phenomena present in the current Albanian economic sphere and the students benefited from the lecture.



In Friday, 20th of May the rector of UET, Prof. Dr. Tonin Gjuraj held a meeting in Prishtina with Prof. Dr. Edmond Hajrizi, rector and president of University for Business and Technology. During the meeting, both parties signed a memorandum of understanding, which strengthened the foundation for future cooperation under Erasmus+, Horizon 2020, staff and student exchange as well as joint scientific conferences. Currently, UET and UBT are co-organizing a joint conference dedicated to students and junior researches with a focus on migration issues. UBT is one of the main partners of UET in Kosovo.

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European University of Tirana's project "Erasmus Mundus Sigma Agile" was presented during the forum "Erasmus+ in Strengthening Skills for Albanian Professionals". The event was organized by Albanian Erasmus + Office, EU Info Network Albania and European Union Delegation in Albania. The Erasmus Mundus Project Action 2 SIGMA AGILE, ‘Critical skills learning for innovation, sustainable growth, mobility and employability in the multicultural environment of the Western Balkans’, offers approximately 150 fully funded scholarships for students, researchers, academic and administrative staff from the Western Balkans to visit one of the EU partner universities. Until now UET has benefited 13 fully funded scholarships and has welcomed 3 students. UET was represented by Ms. Lutjona Lula, International Relations Coordinator and our incoming PhD student Giacomo Morabito. This forum gathered students and professors from different Universities of the country. It aimed at presenting the best practices of Erasmus+ on strengthening skills for Albanian professionals.

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Dr. Keszthelyi András from Obuda University in Budapest visited UET during a one week stay within the framework of Erasmus+ Credit Mobility. The common project of Obuda University and UET started with the academic year 2015-2016 and it is resulting successful in all student and staff exchange. Dr. András held a block lecture with students of Information Economics, Master level and third year Bachelor. His lectures were focused on security issues and networking, combined with practical tips on how to build strong and almost unbreakable passwords. During his stay at UET, Dr. András had the chance to meet with senior academics and discuss on further possible cooperation. Dr. András was pleased by the interest shown by UET students during the lectures.



Aleksandar Pavlović, PhD from the Institute of Philosophy and Social Theory of the University of Belgrade held an open lecture with students of Political Science and International Relations. The lecture was focused on Albanian and Serbian relations and the importance of regional cooperation for a prosperous future. During his talk, Mr. Pavlović tried to challenge the Serbian-Albanian hostility by reinvestigating contemporary events and discourses from the past and recent times. In particular, it seeks to identify common views and practices that could deescalate the present enmity and promote cooperation. These investigations and researches that challenge common ideas, often reinforced by media or propaganda can be useful to open towards further cooperation. Aleksadndar Pavlović will join the UET team as guest lecturer during the next academic year.



At Emden Leer University, was held the international week during 25-29th of April. During this week a special session was dedicated to the last developments on the Western Balkans. This session was organized by Prof. Dr. Reiner Osbild, Professor of Economics at Emden Leer University. The participants on this session had the possibility to discuss on socio-economic developments on the Western Balkans. European University of Tirana was represented by Prof.Dr. Engjell Pere, Dean of Economy Faculty. Professor Pere made a comparative presentation on the developments of Albania and Macedonia with a special focus on economic growth, good governance, international markets etc. This was an important meeting for EUT’s perspective in internationalization and partnerships.

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In the framework of the “Erasmus Mobility” project the Vice Rector for Academic Research and Methodology, Prof. Asoc. Dr. Selami Xhepa and Prof. Asoc.Dr. Arlinda Ymeraj participated at the International Week at Obuda University in Budapest, Hungary. Prof. Asoc. Dr. Xhepa delivered a set of lectures with the focus on “Financial Stability and Economic Growth in Albania”. Professor Xhepa was the chair in the panel of “Business and Management” at the international conference with the topic “Management, Entrepreneurship, Benchmarking”, which was held at Obuda University. During this International Week, EUT representatives had the opportunity to discuss with Dr. László Nádai, Vice Rector for Development and Strategy about further partnership possibilities on the framework of EU projects. They also met with Dr. Antal Szabó, Scientific Director of the ERENET research network of the Corvinus University of Budapest. During the meeting the representatives discussed about joint research projects and publications. Prof. Assoc. Dr. Ymeraj said “The participation of Albanian academic teams in such events by presenting the efforts of dealing with development is a good opportunity to increase the prestige of the country in the region and Europe.” In the next semester EUT will host several Hungarian students and professors from Obuda University, which showed the interest to study at the European University of Tirana.

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Ms. Poppy Collinson, Regional Commercial Head for Europe & Central Asia at BPP University London delivered an open lecture for the students of European University of Tirana where she presented study opportunities at BBP University. Ms. Collinson, a former student of BPP University herself, shared with the student her personal experience as well as the academic aspect. Students of UET studying Law and Economy will benefit from a discount bursary. Meanwhile BPP University London and UET have established a bilateral cooperation to exchange staff and students during the following academic years. The aim of the agreement is to enable respective students to gain international experience and inter-cultural education, while academic staff will exchange best practices.



At the European University of Tirana was held an open lecture by the representative of Buckingham University Ms. Fabiola Aruçi. The open lecture was divided in to sessions. In the first one, UET students had the possibility to be informed on the study possibilities at Buckingham University. On the second session, Ms. Aruçi held a lecture on the topic “Refugee Crisis, Social and Legal Implications”.  In this session UET students showed a lot of interest in the EU role on this situation and also the role of Albania related to this matter. Ms. Aruçi praised the calibre of UET students in their questions after the lecture.
This lecture was the first step of a future fruitful collaboration between these two universities.

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Well-known British philosopher, Roger Scruton visited Tirana during a two day stay. He was invited by the Foundation for Economic Freedom as a keynote speaker during the Albanian Forum for Economic Freedom. Roger Scruton was awarded “Doctor Honoris Causa” by the European University of Tirana. His contribution is related to the fields of philosophy, political thought and in the definition of some of the most challenging concepts such as: democracy, nation, rights, religion, morals, and common good.

Roger Scruton is considered as one of the biggest advocates of the conservative political thought, who regenerated the conservative concepts of freedom, community and society though his masterpieces. UET-Press has recently published his famous book “How to be a conservative”. The awarding ceremony was organized in UET, Aula Magna where senior academic staff of the University took part. “Doctor Honoris Caus”a award is a well-known tradition of UET, which aims at honoring main figures that have contributed in the development and progress of Science and Academia.

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johnJohn Parrish-Sprowl at European University of Tirana

The European University of Tirana was visited on 19th of February by John Parrish-Sprowl, PhD, Director of the Global Health Communication Center, Indiana University, School of Liberal Arts, USA. Professor Parish-Sprowl met with students and professors from the department of Public Relations and Communication in UET and discussed about the importance of communication in the modern society. The professor was also welcomed in Rector Gjuraj’s office, where he was closed introduced to the university’s work.
During the open lecture, Professor Parrish-Sprowl presented the work of his center and the role of communication in mental health. “Communication affects the brain structure”, argued he by adding that “new studies suggest that also, under certain circumstances communication can play role in regenerating the human DNA.” According to Parrish-Sprowl, communication can impact the human immune system, physical and emotional wellbeing of the human body, etc. The visit of Professor Parrish-Sprowl was organized under the auspices of the US Embassy to Tirana and Mr. Erjon Tase, Executive Director of Political Studies Academy in Tirana.

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izraelOpen lecture with H.E. Boaz Rodkin Israeli Ambassador to Albania

The Israeli Ambassador to Albania H.E. Boaz Rodkin held an open lecture with students and professors of the European University of Tirana. During his speech the ambassador said that despite the huge crises in the Middle East, most of the problems according to him consist on internal issues of Arabic states. On the other hand, Tel Aviv is interested in following good relations with its neighbors. Referring to new opportunities in Middle East, he expects good chances of cooperation. The ambassador greeted also the good relations between Albania and Israel.

His Excellency Rodkin was welcomed by the Rector of UET, Prof. Dr. Gjuraj. The rector has served as the Albanian Ambassador to Israel; therefore he shared his experience and expressed his gratitude towards the cooperation of our university and the Embassy of Israel to Tirana.

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ambasadoreH.E Mrs Jiang Yu Ambassador of People Republic of China visits UET

On January 18th Her Excellency the Chinese Ambassador to Albania visited UET, accompanied also by Mr. Iljaz Spahiu, director of the China-Albania Cultural Association. During her visit, she met with the senior academic staff of the university. Throughout her stay in UET, HE. Yu mentioned cooperation possibilities in the field of students’ mobility, as well as the possibility of learning Chinese at UET Language Center.

Successful economic policies of China have been positively estimated by UET President, Prof. Dr. Ardian Civici, UET Rector Prof. Dr. Tonin Gjuraj, Vice Rector Prof. Dr. Selami Xhepa and the Director of UET Center, Blerjana Bino. They also expressed their commitment to future intensification of cultural ad academic collaboration. Later on Her Excellency had a meeting with UET students where she greeted their interests and knowledge on International Relations. Her Excellency expressed her positive approach and commitment to initiate and support a long-term and sustainable partnership with UET, in common areas of interests.

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shbaOpen Lecture “Criminal Justice and Evidence Gathering”

UET students and professor of the Law Faculty had the chance to closely get to know the criminal justice system of the USA thanks to the new program Speakers Bureau of the US Embassy to Tirana. The lecture was held by Ms. Sarah Rohn, former prosecutor and current official of the US Embassy, during which Ms. Rohn shared her professional experience with the audience. “Criminal Justice and Evidence Gathering” is the first lecture in UET within the framework of Speakers Bureau Program, whose aim is to introduce to the Albanian public American issues of mutual interest. The lecture was followed by a vivid discussion, when students and professor of UET expressed their interests in methods of evidence gathering and discussed about differences in justice systems of the respective countries. This is the first of many lectures, which will follow the implementation of the programme. UET is a reliable partner of the program given the fact that open lectures enable students to get firsthand experience in several topics.



Work and Study in Switzerland is one of the new projects published at UET, where the students had the chance get informed about the opportunities of working and studding in Switzerland. This initiative is related with the collaboration that UET has established with Swiss School of Economics. Ms. Ina Zeqja, representative from Swiss School of Economics and in the same time part of UET Alumni, presented the partnership opportunities between this to organizations, and this partnership consist in staff and student exchange, open lectures and also material information’s.

During this open lecture to UET students was presented the possibility on the short term academic programs with the chance to pursue a semester at Swiss School of Economics. This collaboration also helps students to attend internships at Metis Company in Switzerland. The activities taken within the framework of UET’s internationalization strategy aim at boosting the opportunities for our students, so they can progress in their professional and academic formation.

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korrupsioniINTERNATIONATIONAL DAY AGAINST CORRUPTION – ‘Fight Corruption, Change your life’

European University of Tirana during  the national day against corruption, organized an open debate with the topic “Fight Corruption, Change your life”. The Minister for Local Affairs, Mr. Bledi Çuçi, which is in the same time National Coordinator for Corruption, led the panel with representatives from international organizations and civil society: the Ambassador of EU Delegation to Albania, HE Mrs. Romana Vlahutin, the Ambassador of OSCE Presence in Albania HE Mr. Florian Rauning, the representative of UNDP in Albania Mrs. Yesim Oruc, the President of UET Prof. Dr. Adrian Civic,i as well as European Bank and Cooperazione Italiane di Sviluppo.  Mrs. Ilva Tare was also invited as a speaker and a representative of civil society. She brought her experience and also the view of a journalist related with the challenges of the fight against corruption.

The EU Ambassador in Albania, Mrs. Romana Vlahutin, evaluated the important role of citizens and the civil society in the fight against corruption. Mrs. Vlahutin argued that the cooperation between civil society and citizens is crucial for the fight against corruption,  in order  to  permit our citizens to profit from their freedom and rights. During her speech she pointed out that as long as the Albanian citizens are paying their taxes, they should pay the double of the price to get a certain service, as long as it is their right to get that service.  During this meeting the Ambassador Vlahutin called on Albanian citizens to fight the corruption issue in Albania and not to be scared from it. This way we could give our contribution towards lower levels of corruption. According to the Ambassador, corruption undermines the foundations of true democracy and the fight against it is the most important that we will do.

Following the same line,  other speakers reinforced the idea that citizens, youth and civil society should play their role to fight corruption. This is not an isolated activity, but all institutions involved in this initiative seek to undertake future projects to empower citizens to fight corruption.

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kiodiUET – Sapienza University of Rome Cooperation

Professor Guglielmo Chiodi, Head of Doctoral Programmes in Applied Social Sciences at Sapienza University of Rome, was invited at the European University of Tirana to deliver an open lecture on the topic “Economic Crisis and Alternative Paradigms in Economics” in the framework of the cooperation between the two institutions. This lesson was addressed to the Bachelor and Master students of European University of Tirana, which had the opportunity to make an open discussion with Prof. Chiodi about the new economic dynamics. This meeting followed the first one in Sapienza University, Rome where European University of Tirana was represented by the Rector Prof.Dr.Tonin Gjuraj and Prof. Kosta Barjaba.
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markoniUET – Marconi University seek to offer a joint master degree

European University of Tirana and Guglielmo Marconi University delivered an open lecture to Master Students about the new project between these two universities. A joint master degree in the fields of Economics and Social Sciences. Marconi University was represented by Dr. Arturo Lavalle, Director of Research & Development Area and Prof. Alessandro Gennaro, Scientific Director of IMBA. During this meeting the students had the chance to be informed about the opportunities and the importance of this master degree. Prof. Dr. Adrian Civici, President of UET, who welcomed this initiative between the universities.

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swisSwiss School of Economics – UET Cooperation at Doctoral Level

On 19 November 2015, Swiss School of Economics (SSE) inaugurated its new campus and launched the first cycle of PhD studies, in this event the European University of Tirana was represented by Prof. Dr. Engjëll Pere, Dean of Faculty of Faculty of Economics and Information Technology and Prof. Dr. Romeo Gurakuqi Director of UET PhD School. In order to promote the cooperation between the Swiss School of Economics and the European University of Tirana and the academic exchanges this cooperation will be pursued by the exchanges of students and staff, by having joint research activities and seminars and also special short term academic programs.
Conceived with the objective to offer a learning platform for university students in their third tier of studies, the school allows individuals and organizations to thrive by co-creating viable business solutions for the planet and its people. With a strong emphasis on a return to essential basics such as a very pragmatic education of tomorrow’s industry leaders, SSE bridges futuristic theories about economics with a regular and constant training of acquired concepts thanks to paid internships or practical periods in partner companies.
Located in Verbier, SSE offers an outstanding learning environment in a world renowned resort with a large international impact and actively supports young entrepreneurs in their own projects with a personalized infrastructure and coaching. This allows them to develop their first own company in a Canton of Switzerland that is particularly open to bringing additional dynamism to its industry. Faculty recruited for the academic follow up of such students must all hold a PhD degree in their own field of expertise in order to guarantee an unequalled quality of teaching.

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