Assoc. Prof.Dr Konstantinos Giakoumis and Dr. Irena Myzeqari participate in COST Action CA16213

COST Action CA16213
Title: “New Exploratory Phase in Research on East European Cultures of Dissent”
Action Chair Dr Maciej Maryl, Institute of Literary Research of the Polish Academy of Sciences

Resistance and dissent in former socialist Europe 1945-1989 constitutes a remarkable chapter of Europe’s recent past, which not only informs in a decisive way the identities of post-socialist societies, but has also reshaped the continent as a whole and still provides an important reference for contemporary social movements worldwide.
The proposers of this Action believe that, after a period of growth and consolidation, this field of study and the respective domain of cultural heritage have stalled and fell short of its true significance.
The main aim of the Action is to trigger the next discovery phase of this legacy through forging a new, reflexive approach and providing a platform for incubating networked, transnational, multidisciplinary and technology-conscious research with creative dissemination capacities.

The Action will create a valuable interface for communication between three communities of practice: researchers and archivists, art and cultural heritage curators and IT experts with humanities and social sciences expertise in order for future research to be technologically advanced and better disseminated.

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