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Prof. Asoc. Dr. Erika Melonashi participates in COST Action CA16207
CA COST Action CA16207

Chair of the action: Dr. Naomi Fineberg, University of Hertfordshire, UK

Title: “European Network for Problematic Usage of the Internet (PUI)”

The aim of this Cost Action is to bring together a multidisciplinary and geographically diverse group of experts and opinion leaders under one European-led Network, to leverage the existing funded research into a more coherent programme to advance the understanding of PUI from a bio-psycho-social perspective, clarify the brain-based undergirdings and develop effective interventions. The Action will deliver a platform to advance brain-based research into PUI and drive forward the development of clinical tools and treatment-targets, therapeutic interventions, biomarkers to enable early detection of PUI in at-risk subjects before symptoms, early intervention strategies to prevent progression, chronicity and the development of costly co-morbidities such as anxiety and depression.

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