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Dr. Besarta Vladi participates in COST Action 16121

Cost Action CA16121
“From Sharing to Caring: Examining Socio-Technical Aspects of the Collaborative Economy”

Chair: Dr Gabriela AVRAM, University of Limerick, Ireland

The terms "Sharing Economy" or “Collaborative Economy” have been commonly used in recent years to refer to a proliferation of initiatives, business models and forms of work. The main objective of this action is to develop a European network of actors (including scholars, practitioners, communities and policy makers) focusing on the development of collaborative economy models and platforms and on social and technological implications of the collaborative economy through a practice-focused approach.

The specific aims of the proposal are:
(i) To develop a deeper understanding of the collaborative economy phenomenon in all its aspects;
(ii) To discuss and critique elements of the current discourse on the collaborative economy;
(iii) To formulate a European research agenda for the socio-technical aspects of the collaborative economy;
(iv) To articulate a European research perspective on the collaborative economy, based on EU values of social innovation. The Action will produce online resources including publications offering a comprehensive view of the current European collaborative economy and socio-technical and policy recommendations for the future.

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