Teaching Quality has often been raised as a problematic area in Albania, more so in recent years with the expansion of private universities. The issue is systemic and harder to reach by reforms. Two of the factors contributing to this problem are lack of transparency in student performance evaluation and low quality of teaching modules/textbooks. CleanScore addresses both these problems.

CleanScore is a special project, not only due to its ambitious goals but also due to the nature of its own development. CleanScore aims to introduce a new way of grading and reporting on each exam students take, as well as introduce new textbooks for specific subjects. CleanScore is a digital testing center solution that helps improve transparency in student evaluation as well as improve teaching quality by substituting current local textbooks with international versions.

This project is financed by AADF which is a nonprofit corporation governed by a Board of Trustees which operates entirely in Albania. The mission of the foundation is to facilitate the development of a sustainable private sector economy and a democratic society in Albania, and to contribute to stability in Southeastern Europe.

Project Fiche

Project Coordinator in UET
Dr. Ketrina Cabiri (Mijo)
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