Faculty of Social Sciences and Education

The Faculty of Social Sciences and Education in UET offers study programs in three cycles: Bachelor, Master, and PhD. It is one of the faculties that provide students many opportunities to choose quality programs such as Sociology, Anthropology, Public Relations-Communication, Psychology, Education Sciences, Political Sciences, International Relations and Communication-Design. This faculty supports teaching and scientific research based in contemporary methods and practices, as well as a prestigious domestic and foreign literature. The faculty publishes twice a year the scientific journals "Polis", "Education" and "Sociological Studies", in which are published research work results conducted by the academic staff and students (study articles, reviews, etc.), with topics from the areas covered by the many different departments of this faculty.
The students who graduate in the Faculty of Social Sciences and Education in UET have great employment opportunities in public administration, education and health, media, research institutions and civil society, as well as in other sectors of the public and private service.


Prof. Dr. Ferit Duka

The Faculty of Social Sciences and Education constitutes one of the most important academic and teaching structures of the European University of Tirana. In this faculty are conceived and put at test the best the contemporary ideas and the vision of the founders of the University. Our Faculty offers study programs which enable not only a sound training and cultural education of the students, but also a professional preparation in accordance with the advanced standards of the time. Through academic and pedagogical activity that takes place within this institution, the aim is to graduate students with the necessary skills to be worthy competitors in the Albanian labor market, as well as to be actively involved in major political, social, economic, and cultural transformations, which lead to Albania’s modernization and European integration.  
Students who choose to study in our faculty in a sense are privileged, because they gain knowledge in elite fields and disciplines that relate to: the world of thought and ideas; man, society and their relationships; communication, culture and arts.
The presence of a consolidated staff, with high academic qualifications and long experience in teaching, education of the majority of them in western universities, and advanced teaching methods guarantee high quality of education provided in the auditoriums of our faculty. Besides the learning process, special attention is paid to a rich social life of our students. The numerous activities with educational and entertaining character, the different cultural and sports circles and clubs form a very attractive and interesting environment for students. The degree earned by the students of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Education in UET, has high integrity and enables the continuation of studies and employment even beyond Albania’s national borders.

devider1LIST OF STUDY PROGRAMMESdevider1Departments

Communication, Public Relations
Prepares graduate level specialists in Communication and Public Relations, as well as Design. The combination of theoretical knowledge with practical and applicable knowledge guarantees student qualification and training, responding to the needs of the labor market for specialists in Communication-Design, Public Relations, Communication for business and political organizations, as well as Journalism and Media Studies.
Head of Department: Dr. Belina Budini

Full Time     Part Time 2016 - 2017
No. Name Surname Title/Grade No. Name Surname Title/Grade
1 Aleksander Dhima Prof. Dr.   1 Bujar Kapexhiu Prof. Dr.
2 Belina Budini Prof. Asoc. Dr   2 Diana Kastrati Prof. Asoc. Dr.
3 Genciana Egro Prof. Dr.   3 Valbona Karakaçi Prof. Asoc. Dr.
4 Lorena Licenji PhD   4 Bashkim Gjergji Prof. Asoc. Dr.
5 Shpend Bengu Dr.    5 Besarta Vladi Dr.
6 Holta Heba Dr.   6 Alfred Nini Doktorant
7 Irena Myzeqari Dr.   7 Dorian Bushi Msc.
8 Otjela Lubonja Dr.   8 Ergys Zhabjaku Msc.
9 Kled Kapexhiu Dr.   9 Gureta Bajrami Breznica Msc.
10 Blerjana Bino Dr   10 Mirela Milori Msc.
11 Ledia Dushi Dr.   11 Suzana Kuka Msc.
12 Brikena Smajli Dr.        
13 Mirela Oktrova Dr.        
14 Ermir Gjinishi Dr.        
15 Albana Nexhipi Msc.        
16 Alket Braho Msc.        

devider1Applied Social Sciences
Prepares graduate level specialists in political sciences and the diplomacy sector, to have a thorough understanding of political sciences and international relations in order to work in the civil society sector, media, political organizations, international organizations, specialists in public administration, in all its sectors.
Head of Department: Prof. Asoc. Dr. Roland Lami

Full Time     Part Time 2016 - 2017
No. Name Surname Title/Grade No. Nmae Surname Title/Grade
1 Tonin Gjuraj Prof. Dr.   1 Kosta Barjaba Prof. Dr.
2 Perparim Fuga Prof. Dr.   2 Odeta Barbullushi Prof. Asoc. Dr.
3 Ferit Duka Prof. Dr.   3 Ina Zhupa Dr.
4 Kristaq Xharo Prof. Dr.   4 Medlir Mema PhD 
5 Roland Lami Prof. Asoc. Dr.   5 Florian Cullhaj Dr.
6 Enri Hide Prof. Asoc. Dr.        
7 Hysamedin Feraj Dr.        
8 Elvin Gjevori PhD        
9 Sokol Lleshi PhD        
10 Eda Gemi PhD        
11 Malvina Tema Dr.         
12 Anjeza Xhaferaj Dr.         
13 Fatri Morina Dr.         
14 Klementin Mile Dr.         
15 Vilma Spahiu Dr.         
16 Gerti Sqapi Dr.        
17 Lulzim Hoxha Dr.        
18 Blendi Lami Doktorant        
19 Ketrina Mijo Doktorant        
20 Arjan Çuri Doktorant        
21 Klajdi Logu Msc.        
22 Viliem Kurtulaj Msc.        

Prepares students with in-depth knowledge in education policies, curriculum development, and ability to work later on as professors/lecturers in pedagogy and education study programs in the first and second cycle studies.
Head of Department: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tomi Treska

Full Time      
No. Name Surname Title/Grade      
1 Ylljet Aliçka Prof. Dr.      
2 Erleta Mato Prof. Dr.      
3 Tomi Treska Prof. Asoc. Dr.      
4 Edi Puka Prof. Asoc. Dr.      
5 Erika Melonashi Prof. Asoc. Dr.      
6 Voltisa  Lama Prof. Asoc. Dr.      
7 Anisa Subashi Dr.        
8 Nazmi Xhomara Dr.        
9 Orjola Pampuri Dr.        
10 Fleura Shkembi Dr.        
11 Klodiana Turhani Doktorant        
12 Klodiana Rafti Doktorant        
13 Sonila Tatili Doktorant        
14 Etleva Haxhihyseni Msc.        
15 Vahidije Kadiu Msc.        
16 Rovena Lika Msc.        
17 Dritan Idrizi Msc.        
18 Eskja Vero Msc.        
19 Xhevahir Cani Msc.