Faculty of Economics and Information Technology

he Faculty of Economics and Information Technology offer study programs in three cycles: Bachelor, Master, and PhD. The studies conducted in the branches of Economics, Business, Management, Information Technology are very qualitative and preferred for a large number of students. This is because the development cycle of the global economy and labor market demands and calls for them continuously. The Faculty of Economics at UET, in particular offers to the best students to become part of the initiative with the great hope and idea that they will be the ones who will direct the economy, manage, market the products in open markets, find sources of products in the financial markets, interconnect better and healthier markets to avoid crises. The students who graduate in economics have a longer presence in the labor market, get hired faster, because the profiles featuring economic programs are highly demanded by this labor market. Another discipline that the Faculty of Economics offers in UET is that of Information Technology. This is one of the most sought disciplines from all professions, but more naturally from the discipline of the Economics. Technological tools have become accessible to all, but to use these tools in a profitable manner you have to study the programs in information technology. In UET these programs were opened in the academic year 2010-11 in the Faculty of Economics.

Prof. Dr. Engjell Pere

Based on UET’s philosophy, the Faculty of Economics combines theoretical knowledge with the most prominent practical experiences, preparing quality students for the demands and tendencies of the labor market in Albania, in the region, and beyond.
The Faculty of Economics offers majors in all three cycles of study: Bachelor, Master, and PhD, and consists of three departments: the Department of Finance, the Department of Management and Economics, and the Department of Informatics, Mathematics, and Statistics.

The teaching process focuses on the best contemporary knowledge and experience of some of the best international universities, in modern and assimilative programs and teaching textbooks, in qualitative methods of teaching that make the student an active part of the learning process and create the right opportunities for further specialization in one of the directions offered in the programs of the faculty.

The academic staff of the Faculty of Economics consists of 30 professors, who have graduated in prestigious Albanian and western universities, with outstanding experience in teaching and scientific research.
Beyond the theoretical knowledge obtained in UET's auditoriums, the students of the Faculty of Economics are an active part of debates, open lectures, conferences, practices and scientific research projects under the guidance of the experts of the field - both Albanian and foreign. The Faculty of Economics in UET is at the forefront of innovation in the fields of the degrees that it offers and is open to collaborations and new frontiers.


Finance and Economics
This department prepares economists specializing in financial issues, accounting, banking, insurance companies, Financier positions, accounting positions etc.

Head of department: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Arbi Agalliu

Academic Personnel

Full Time     Part Time 2017 - 2018
No. Name surname Title/Grade   N0. Name surname Title/Grade
1 Adrian Civici Prof. Dr.        
2 Luljeta Minxhozi Prof. Dr.        
3 Engjell Pere Prof. Dr.        
4 Anilda Bozdo Prof. Asoc. Dr.        
5 Hysen Muceku Prof. Asoc. Dr.        
6 Arbi Agalliu Prof. Asoc. Dr.        
7 Selami Xhepa Prof. Asoc. Dr.        
8 Ermela Kripa Prof. Asoc. Dr.        
9 Orkida Ilollari Dr.        
10 Holta Kora Dr.        
11 Klodjan Rama PhD        
12 Elona Shehu Doktorant        
13 Manjola Islami Msc.        
14 Kristela Kaçani Msc.        
15 Grisejda Myslimi Msc.        
16 Tatjana Moçka Msc.        
17 Joana Shima Msc.        
18 Sokol Ndoka Doktorant        
19 Krisela Ngjela Msc.        
20 Megi Kurushi Msc.        
21 Anila Fureraj Doktorant        

Management and Marketing

Prepares economists specialized in general problems of economic and financial theory, business management of various categories, private or public businesses of various types; problems of economic growth and development, national accounting and banking, economy and international trade, strategy development, advanced research.
Head of Department: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Oltjana Zoto


Full Time     Part Time 2017 - 2018
No. Name Surname Title/Grade   No. Name Surname Title/Grade
1 Drita Kruja Prof. Dr.   1 Niko Pano Dr.
2 Oltjana Zoto Prof. Asoc. Dr.   2 Edlira Margilaj Dr.
3 Arlinda Ymeraj Prof. Asoc. Dr.   3 Denisa Mamillo Dr.
4 Ermira Qosja Prof. Asoc. Dr.   4 Evis Gjebrea Dr.
5 Kreshnik Bello Prof. Asoc. Dr.        
6 Elena Kokthi Dr.        
7 Ani Mbrica Dr.
8 Denisa Mamillo Dr.        
9 Elvira Tabaku Dr.        
10 Ertila Druga Msc.        
11 Grisilda Miftari Msc.        
12 Eliona Zhonga Msc.        

devider1Informatics, Mathematics, and Statistics
Information technology is being distributed more extensively than in the traditional sense of computers or network technologies and it is being integrated further more with other technologies such as the use of mobile phones, televisions and others, which is increasing the demand for such jobs almost in every society or institution.
Head of Department: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Indrit Baholli

Full Time     Part Time 2017 - 2018
No. Name Surname Title/Grade   No. Name Surname Title/Grade
1 Mimoza Durresi Prof. Dr.   1 Adriana Gjonaj Prof. Dr.
2 Teuta Xhindi  Dr.   2 Hysen Binjaku Prof. Asoc. Dr.
3 Agim Kasaj Doktorant   3 Erdet Këlliçi Msc
4 Gentian Hoxhalli Doktorant        
5 Ledina Hoxha Doktorant        
6 Florenc Hidri Msc.        
7 Endri Plasari Msc.        
8 Ndricim Topalli Msc.        
9 Albana Shehu Msc.        
10 Benon Paloka Msc.