civiciProf. Dr. Adrian CIVICI


Gradually UET is heading towards the end of the first decade of its life. Since its establishment in 2006, the European University of Tirana has not stopped its efforts to reform, structure, and perfect itself and ensure high quality graduates. UET is also very active in the social space, in the world of ideas, initiatives, publications, projects, and job market connections. This is enough to complete the profile of a university entirely at the service of its public mission - preparing students, specialists, citizens; of a university as the center of the living forces of  society.
Now it is the time to move to another stage, it is the time to prepare for the second decade of the European University of Tirana, as a university in service of the development of the job market. This metaphor and paradigm attaches to our objective, "UET, Excellence 2020", forming a sustainable plan based on three points: Excellence, Job Market, and Contribution in the Function of Development. These three concepts may and should coexist and help one another.
In view of excellence, the European University of Tirana has built a series of programs and projects, among which the support to Top 5 (5% of the best students) and the support to Top 25 (25% of the best students), where students with UET’s help will build their further career, either academic or in the job market.
The UET job market partner includes a series of initiatives that have started with the creation of the job market boards and the involvement of prominent individuals from the working world in our teaching and counseling processes, and now also in partnership with 101 of the most important businesses in Albania, in view of assisting them with human resources of the quality that they require, and vice-versa, them assisting our students on their way towards the job market.
In function of the development of the country UET is everything that we do with our research and scientific projects, our debate of ideas, our analyses and projections; in a few words all the research and scientific work that contributes to the Albanian society and aids its development.
It is precisely in this triangle where the future and our project for the second decade of the university rely.