To be a leading university in the development of knowledge in the Albanian society; a centre of excellence in the academic formation of our students; of expertise in the social, political, legal and economic studies in the country, with a wider impact in region and beyond; as well as a centre of excellence in scientific research according to the areas of expertise within the university.

To provide students with quality education, informed by the results of scientific research; to serve the Albanian society through knowledge creation and dissemination, teaching processes, creativity and adoption of the best scientific, as well as through the development of interrelations with the labor market and international partnerships.

Quality and Excellence; Leadership and Group Work; Freedom of intellectual exploration, Fairness and Integrity, Transparency and Responsibility, Lifelong learning.

UET Founders

Main steps in UET

Licensing: Decision of Council of Ministers (VKM) No. 636, dated 20.09.2006
In the beginning only two faculties opened: The Faculty of Law and the Faculty of Social Sciences
Opening of the Faculty of Economics: VKM No. 255
Licensing second cycle programs: VKM 74
Licensing of third cycle programs, Second Level Master: VKM Nr. 796
UET’s first accreditation as institution and accreditation of the Bachelor programs
Decree of the Ministry of Education and Science No. 246
Vera e vitit 2009
First generation of graduates in the Bachelor program
Vera e vitit 2010
First generation graduates in the Master’s program
Accreditation of second and third cycle programs (MASTER), Decree No. 68
Changing the name from Non-public higher university to “University”, VKM No.657
Licensing of doctoral programs in “Economic sciences”, “Social sciences”, and “Law sciences”: Decree No. 503